In addition to the products ISDreams exert its best efforts to present various services, to create and maintain customer's satisfaction and further loyalty.

These services are obvious in the following:

1 ) Business Processes :

ISDreams main focus is on the following processes:

a - Operational Processes :

They are the processes which shape the core business and create the primary stream value.
These processes are mainly Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, and sales….etc.

b - Supporting Processes :

They are the processes which support the operational processes. So you can find them in all kinds of business.
These processes are mainly Accounting, Recruitment, Technical Support, .etc.

2 ) Software Development :

ISDreams can develop and implement new software according to the customer's requirements, which provides him with the highest amount of flexibility in order to achieve his goals by using the shortest ways. In this context ISDreams is able to develop desktop and web applications with best standards.

3 ) System Integration :

ISDreams is able to make high quality integration of any system with its solutions according to the customer's requirements. This will prevent the company from the flaws of replacing the entire system.

4 ) Website Development :

ISDreams believes that the website of any company nowadays is very important as it shapes the first impression of the company. Despite the first impression don't last, it attracts or repel the clients. As a result of that ISDreams can design, create, develop, implement and web house all kinds of companies' sites in order to guarantee perfect first impression.

5 ) Technical Support :

ISDreams provides its customers with full technical support and maintenance service, which includes its software solutions or any other IT solutions. This step is very important to keep up a long term relation ship with the customer in addition to attracting new customers.



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